_new furniture collection by maarten baas for valerie_objects

_A crooked line is a lot more difficult


After creating a myriad of tableware for valerie_objects, Maarten Baas, one of the most renowned European contemporary designers, now designed a collection of outdoor chairs and a table.

_sketched by hand

‘The starting point was similar to every object I create: making a fully functional design piece that looks like it has been sketched by hand’, Baas states. He redefined the typical outdoor furniture consisting of metal frames and wooden slats by sketching the slats with a pencil on paper and then meticulously recreating them in real life. ‘Although the idea behind it might sound simple, the production is far from it’, Baas says. ‘Machines are really good at making straight lines. A crooked line is a lot more difficult’.

_about maarten baas


There are few designers who embrace spontaneity and madness in the creative process as Baas does. In his younger years, he set priceless design classics on fire, later on he welded the most phantasmal closets of all time. After that, sketchy pencil lines on paper were brought to life. His work reveals the inner child that’s hidden somewhere deep inside all of us and the design community fiercely appreciates it. For his last show during the Milan Design Week of 2019, people queued in long lines to get a glimpse of his oeuvre.

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