_new collab with pierric de coster

_a minimalist totem


Valerie_objects presents a new light object designed by the young Belgian designer-architect Pierric De Coster. De Coster carries the heritage of the minimalists Maarten Van Severen and Donald Judd deep in his heart. Every design object is stylized to the absolute very limit.

L1 almost evaporates in space

Stylized to the minimum, this L1 floor lamp consists of nothing more than two slender aluminium tubes. One cylinder sheds light on the other, which in turn reflects the light again. The result: a vertical sculpture with a zephyr glow floating in the middle.

_about pierric de coster


Pierric De Coster is a Belgian design and architect residing in Antwerp. He started designing solo in 2017. Since then, De Coster conveys the philosophy of key minimalists such as Maarten Van Severen and Donald Judd. Every object takes him years to design, due to his urge to stylize every detail to the absolute limit. De Coster has already exhibited his work at Valerie Traan Gallery in Antwerp and Kanal/Centre Pompidou in Brussels.

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