Swiss studio big-game launches silent for valerie_objects

_a 'no fringe' chair

After working for renowned brands such as Alessi, Hermès, Hay and Muji, the Lausanne-based studio Big-Game now collaborates with valerie_objects for a collection of chairs called silent. The name refers to the noiselessness of the result: the chairs contain no fringes at all and every screw or piece of technicality has been meticulously hidden, creating a design chair that ‘can’t be any more clean’, as Big-Game puts it.

_visual quietness

To emphasize the visual quietness, an archetypical church chair was used as the starting point: a very straight design in sturdy ash wood with barely any diagonals. In other words, a very silent chair. Yet, the devil is in the details. To ensure modern comfort, Big-Game added slight curves in the back and the seat of the chair, as well as a version with armrests.

_about big-game


Big-Game’s work is often accessible, charming and, above all, useful. The studio has received numerous awards. Big-Game's works are part of the collections of the Museum fur Gestaltung, the Vitra Design Museum, the Centre Georges Pompidou as well as the MoMA. The studio is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. In addition to their design work, the three founders of Big-Game also lecture at ECAL / University of Arts and Design Lausanne.

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