_new light objects by Maria Scarpulla

_poetic wall paintings surrounded by a halo of light

Like most of the ideas of Maria Scarpulla and her partner Jori Hernalsteen, Tramonti started off with the paint brush. They first created a myriad of colorful abstract paintings inspired by nature. Even after adding the technicalities required for a lamp, the paintings remain pure and untouched, consisting of nothing more than a two cm sheet of aluminium.

_creating the illusion of a kite

To add an extra layer of subtle poetry, the electric cable is unraveled into its two single wires which hang swirlingly at the bottom, creating the illusion of a kite.

_about maria scarpulla


Creating an enormous effect while using very little space: that is the core of Scarpulla’s artistic practice. Objects that blend easily in the room yet make a firm statement. Maria Scarpulla is the name by which Maria Scarpulla and her partner Jori Hernalsteen (1987) design minimalist objects from their studio in Ghent, Belgium.

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