_Five years anniversary of valerie_objects

happy birthday to us! five years of valerie_objects


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_standing lamp, wooden table and alu chair by muller van severen

Originally started as a spontaneous leap-of-faith of two design lovers, Veerle Wenes and Axel Van Den Bossche, valerie_objects grew out to become a mature design platform with an impressive list of international creators: Muller Van Severen, nendo, Maarten Baas and many others.

_assemble by destroyers / builders

segments by destroyers / builders

_unique signature styles


After five years our mission has remained the same: blend everyday objects with unique signature styles. valerie_objects will continue to walk the path of wonders instead of chasing the mainstream speedway. Objects — and not just ‘tools’ or ‘designs’ — that roam on the border between design and functionality, that is where valerie_objects plays.

_groundbreaking design from genuine thinkers


From a playful minimalist chair to groundbreaking pepper grinders, valerie_objects did it all thanks to the clear vision of curator Veerle Wenes. ‘Each of the designers, artists and architects are genuine thinkers with whom I feel a real connection’, Wenes says.

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