kitchen & living


is a high end valerie_objects reseller

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Cake bloom (dubai)/hospitality selected alu chairs and lamps by muller van severen

‘Cake Bloom’ is the first Korean Cakery in UAE and opened its doors in 2020.

Casa Caminada

Fürstenau (CH)/hospitality

has rocking chairs by Muller Van Severen in every guest room

3-Star-Chef Andreas Caminada is the driving force behind this down-to-earth and at the same time cosmopolitan guesthouse in the smallest city in the world. Picture Gaudenz Danuser.

remi berlin (de)/hospitality selected hanging lamps by muller van severen

Remi is the second restaurant in Berlin by Dutch entrepreneurs Lode van Zuylen and Stijn Remi.

Just Haasnoot

Wassenaar (nl)/retail

is a true valerie_objects brand ambassador

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Le Pont Traversé

Paris (FR)/hospitality

chose furniture and lighting by muller van severen via retailer Ailleurs

The cosy coffee shop is located in the popular Rive Gauche quartier of Paris.

The Florian

Amsterdam (nl)/hospitality

selected alu chairs by muller van severen


coffee sometime

amsterdam (nl)/hospitality

loves the hanging lamps by muller van severen

Coffee Sometime is a project by Belgian Hija Studio.

a residential home

London (UK)

featuring work by muller van severen

Styled by House of Grey, a visionary studio focusing on a holistic approach to Interior design for both residential and commercial projects. Picture by Michael Sinclair.

Interior Playground design studio & store

Geleen (NL)/retail

offers valerie_objects accessories and lighting

Interior Playground is an interior design studio with a showroom, shop and platform for design talent.

at home with marie michielssen

antwerp (BE)

loves muller van severen

Marie Michielssen, resident designer for Serax, mixes abundantly design and art in her home. Muller Van Severen's quirky designs fit right in.

at home with Kirstine Meijer Carlsen, founder of studio x

Elle Decoration DK - stylist and writer Marie Monrad Graunbøl and photographer Mikkel Tjellesen.

Tim Van Steenbergen showroom

Antwerp (BE)

features hanging lamps by muller van severen

Project by Nome Furniture, an online gallery, which mainly sells vintage European and Scandinavian design furniture.

Kollekted by

Oslo (NO)/retail

offers a curated selection of valerie_objects furniture, accessories and lighting

Kollekted By is an interior shop based in Oslo, Norway carefully curated by the stylist duo Kråkvik & D´Orazio. Pictures Fredrik Aartun.

Kitchen and Living

Tibilisi, Georgia

Offers hanging lamps by muller van severen

Kitchen and living is a conceptual showroom who embraces the art of culinary and provides everything from appliances to cooking tools, accesoiries, decor and items for living.

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