_L1 lamp by pierric de coster

Valerie_objects presents a new light object designed by the young Belgian designer-architect Pierric De Coster. De Coster carries the heritage of the minimalists Maarten Van Severen and Donald Judd deep in his heart. Every design object is stylized to the absolute very limit.


a minimalist totem


congratulations on the award, muller van severen

Muller Van Severen’s story started with an exhibition in Antwerp 11 years ago at Valerie Traan Gallery, owned by co-founder & art director Veerle Wenes of valerie_objects. From the first collab a whole family of functional objects emerged, from furniture and lighting to out-of-the-ordinary kitchen accessories.

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_best designers 2022 chosen by IDEAT


tramonti lighting objects

Maria Scarpulla (1987) is a painter and designer and also the youngest member of the artistic Italian-American Scarpulla family. She grew up in the fields of Umbria with her father Russell, an abstract painter born in New York. Although she now resides in Ghent, Belgium, the Italian landscapes and American horizons still reflect intensely in her work.

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_new collab with designer Maria Scarpulla


_aligned outdoor by Maarten Baas

After creating a myriad of tableware for valerie_objects, Dutch designer Maarten Baas has now designed a collection of outdoor chairs and a table. ‘The starting point was to make a fully functional design piece that looks like it has been sketched by hand’, Baas states.

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design that looks like it has been sketched by hand


_a new collaboration with designers big-game

Augustin Scott de Martinville, Grégoire Jeanmonod and Elric Petit are Big-Game. The Swiss studio describes its work as simple, functional and optimistic. After working for renowned brands such as Alessi, Hermès, Hay and Muji, Big-Game now collaborates with valerie_objects for a collection of chairs called silent.

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rationality and simplicity are key


_inner circle by maarten baas

Although the shapes appear playful and naive, the finishing of this tableware is stunning.

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playful and naive tableware design


_alu chair wood

Muller Van Severen revamped their classic Alu Chair by interchanging the aluminium back and seat with a wooden version made of multilayered oak.

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iconic chair by muller van severen revisited


_assemble your own sofa

For Linde Freya Tangelder, the founder of destroyers / builders, the Assemble is a sofa debut.

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a sofa debut

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